I am currently recruiting students to join the lab!  If you haven’t already, please see our research interests and some of our publications.  I am happy to help students develop research projects that suit their interests, but it is best if those interests are reasonably well aligned with ongoing work in the lab.

Undergraduates – If you are interested in the work we do, please feel free to contact me.  There may be opportunities to get involved in the lab as a paid technician, assisting with the lab’s ongoing research efforts.  I also welcome students interested in completing thesis research projects within the lab.

Graduate Students– I am currently recruiting MS and PhD students in the Biology Department, and there is support through teaching or research assistantships.  I am also happy to work with students on thesis or practicum projects through the M.En. program in the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability.  If you are interested in joining the lab, please contact me with your CV and research interests.

Post Docs –As funding becomes available, I will advertise here, on ecolog, and Twitter.  I would also be happy to work with prospective postdocs on fellowship applications.  Potential sources of funding include the USDA-NIFA fellowships (which supported my postdoc work), NSF postdocs, and the Smith Fellows Program.

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